Duke of Edinburgh Tracking

We provide  mini GPS tracker devices to Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, and also Scouting expeditions.  Our Duke of Edinburgh Trackers are more affordable than any of our competitors, and also technically advanced.

  • Easy to operate;  single on/off switch
  • Trackers send their location to the tracking website at set intervals (typically every couple of minutes)
  • We can show the map using Ordnance Survey maps, or Google maps (including high-resolution satellite photos)
  • The tracking website is hosted on a secure and reliable dedicated server for high reliability
  • Tracking website is very fast and optimised to display perfectly on mobile and tablet devices, used by most expedition organisers
  • The trackers log the path taken, and this can be reviewed afterwards in Google Maps, Tracklogs, Memory map or similar.
  • Our trackers have an SOS button, associated with three organisation mobile numbers. If SOS is activated, all three mobile numbers will receive an “SOS request”, with the location, date and time
  • In SOS, the tracker status also turns “Red” on the tracking map indicating “SOS Send Help”
  • Tracking links can be password protected for safety and security
  • Instructor or assessors can also appear on the tracking map; using our associated phone app, or with their own tracker
  • Unlike our competitors.; We don’t charge software fees, licence costs, or setup costs! We are simply better value from start to finish

Read  feedback and testimonials from previous customers. We provide responsive customer support and will exceed your expectation

As well as working in the UK, our next-generation trackers work virtually anywhere all over the World. We have provided Scout GPS tracking to groups all over the UK.  We have sent Duke of Edinburgh trackers to Spain, and the Alps. We have tracked expeditions to summit Kilimanjaro, to name but a few examples.

Our GPS tracking devices are small and lightweight but have a powerful battery that will provide position updates for up to a week from a single charge

We offer a complete and professional service:

  • The online order process is fast and simple, or you can pay online or via purchase order/invoice
  • You can rent for expedtions lasting up to 3 days, a week, a month, or longer
  • We can create a map with a proposed route, including any checkpoints or details you would like to see on the map

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