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We provide single mini GPS tracking devices to individuals, or sometimes tens or hundred’s to event organisers.  The trackers are easy to operate with a single power button to set them running. The trackers are programmed to send their location to the tracking website at set intervals (can be varied on request). The tracking website shows a map with a Pin highlighting the current location of the tracker, the time the update was received, and information such as the speed and status (moving, paused etc).

Our trackers also feature an SOS button, which we can associate with up to three mobile numbers. If activated, all three mobile numbers will receive an “Emergency SOS request, with the location, date and time”. The tracker status also turns “Red” on the tracking map and states “SOS Send Help”.

To provide a safe and stable service we have servers in the UK, Germany and Holland, each backing up the other. So you can be assured of a reliable service for your personal challenge or event.

Read some of the  feedback and testimonials from previous customers. We provide responsive customer support and will exceed your expectation

As well as working in the UK, our next-generation trackers work virtually anywhere all over the World. We have tracked people summiting mountains in the Alps, summiting Kilimanjaro, Running across America, Cycling across Australia, and World record attempts from John O’ Groats to Land’s end, to name but a few.  We offer affordable GPS/GPRS tracking for:

  • Expedition Tracking
  • Duke of Edinburgh awards scheme tracking
  • Foot races (marathon tracking, trail and ultra marathons tracking and mountain marathon tracking)
  • Cycle race tracking
  • Personal Challenge tracking
  • Anything else you like!
Distance races

Distance races




On and Off-road Cycle events


Our GPS tracking devices are small and lightweight but have a powerful battery that will provide position updates for up to a week.

We offer a complete and professional service:

    • The order process is fast and simple. You can rent for events lasting up to 3 days, a week, a month, or longer
    • For individuals, we setup your challenge/event page for you and provide you a URL link to share with your supporters
    • If you are an event organiser, we add your participants to the event; be it just 1, or 100+
    • We any proposed route, including any checkpoints or details you would like to see on the map

<li >We have a dedicated turbo-hosted server to handle large events and website visitors

  • You can embed the tracking link in your own website if you wish
  • Tracking maps can be standard maps, terrain (contours) maps, or satellite photo maps as shown below



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