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On the Trail

Expedition Organisers
 See Where your groups are at all times

  • Duke of Edinburgh for schools / forces / Scouts

  • Approved Activity Providers (AAPs)

  • We hire or sell you the most appropriate tracker

  • All tracker types offered, not just one manufacturer

  • Turn on the tracker(s). View their location on your phone. Easy as that !

  • SOS button will alert you to a group needing help

  • Live updates, from every 10 seconds to every 5 minutes

  • Ordnance Survey maps available

  • Trackers suitable for every UK or worldwide location

  • Fast delivery and no hassle collection

  • No one else is close on price

  • No other system is as easy to use

  • Compatible with routes from EDofE, OS maps online

  • See our dedicated expedition tracking website

Travel planning

No more 'lost' groups

  • We all know sometimes groups "zig" when they should have "zagged" :)

  • Instant peace of mind knowing where they are at all times

  • Review their recorded route afterwards as a teaching aid

Hire a Tracker.png

The latest maps

  • Never pay for 'new' maps again

  • We are a OS licensed partner

  • OS Maps, inc. Leisure 1:25k

  • Satellite view maps

  • Locations via SMS also available

Mountain Climbing

Simple to use

  • Power on the device

  • Store it in the rucksack

  • View the weblink on your mobile

  • It is an easy as that, we promise!

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