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Garmin In-Reach Trackers

100 % Global Coverage

If you are heading somewhere remote, or offshore, then you’ll want to hire one of our Garmin InReach Explorer+ Iridium devices. Iridium is the world’s furthest reaching satellite network that provides 100 percent global coverage with no fringe zones or blackout areas. We hire Mini and Explorer inReaches.

Our Explorers are full-featured GPS tracking devices, but packed with lots of extra features to keep to safe and in contact.  With inReach satellite technology, you can send and receive messages, track and share your journey. Inreach is superior to other popular devices such as SPOT trackers in many ways. InReach 2-way communication technology allows you to send and receive messages and emails from family, friends and the search & rescue service— so you’re continually updated.

If you encounter an at-risk situation in a remote location or offshore, and inReach quickly becomes the most valuable tool in your survival kit. It provides global, interactive SOS capabilities — and that means you’re able to trigger a distress signal. Receive a delivery confirmation and get in touch with GEOS emergency monitoring centre by 2-way text conversation and receive professional advice on what to do and confirmation that help is on the way GEOS is standing by 24/7 to assist with your emergency, track your location and will stay in communication with you until your situation is resolved.

If required, our explorer devices can also act as Satellite navigation maps because they come pre-loaded with Openmaps.

We hire out our InReach devices at £45 per week. This includes

Text Messages10 per week
Preset MessagesUnlimited
Tracking Intervals10 minute updates
Tracking PointsUnlimited
Location PingsUnlimited
Extra Messages (each)£0.80