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GPS Tracking for Cycle Events

GPS Tracking for cycle races or charity challenges

Setup in 2009, our company provides mini GPS tracker devices for use on cycle events and challenges, as well as all kinds of other events.  Our GPS Trackers for cycles can be hired or purchased, and are more affordable than any of our competitors. The trackers and our tracking website are easy to use.

  • Our trackers are small and lightweight
  • They can attach to the bike frame or be carried in a jersey
  • They can transmit location updates every 15 seconds
  • 20 different map types to choose from
  • Public, or private event URLs with password protected links
  • Website is optimised for mobile use
  • Records GPX for later downoad into apps such as Strava
  • SOS button will send messages to up to 3 phone numbers
  • No limit to viewers, some events have thousands
  • There are no software fees, or setup costs! We are simply better value from start to finish

Read our  feedback and testimonials from previous customers. We provide highly responsive customer support to exceed your expectation

Our next-generation trackers work almost anywhere all over the World. If your event is somewhere really remote, then we also hire SPOT trackers, and also Garmin In-Reach Iridium devices which are two-way satellite communication trackers, that allow you to send messages back and forth from anywhere in the world.

We have provided Cycle GPS tracking to groups all over the UK and further afield.  We have sent trackers to Spain, and the Alps. We have tracked events in New Zealand, the USA, to name but a few examples.

Our GPS tracking devices are small and lightweight (circa 60 grams) but have a powerful battery that will provide position updates for days or weeks depending on the update frequency required

Hire Cycle GPS trackers now!