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Hire a SPOT Tracker

Hire SPOT tracker for £29.70 including delivery for your next challenge. Only we offer advanced mapping and capabilities that go far beyond the basic SPOT tracker hire you get elsewhere. You can opt to have OS maps, supply a route and checkpoints for display, and get all the advanced features of the TrackTrail platform

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Hire a SPOT Tracker

Hire from us at the best UK rates.  We hire for weekend use and not just full weeks like most competitors.  Hire from only £25 for a single device.  

We can also show your SPOT tracker on Ordnance Survey maps, and not just the standard (very basic) SPOT website map offering. We do this by displaying your SPOT tracker on our advanced GPS Events Tracking platform.

We can also provide the SPOT feedID for those of you who want to use the device on 3rd part websites such as Trackleaers.



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SPOT Tracker
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