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Lakeside Camping

Scouts and Guides
 Trackers for expeditions and wide games

  • Track your Scouts/Guides easily

  • On expedition or on wide games

  • Hire just one tracker or hire hundreds

  • Simple to operate. Power on the tracker. View its location on your phone. 

  • Map links can be shared to whoever you wish

  • Map links can be password protected

  • SOS button will alert you to a group needing help

  • Live updates, from every 10 seconds to every 5 minutes

  • Ordnance Survey maps or satellite maps

  • Ultimate peace of mind and aid to risk assessment


Track Wide games

  • We setup your custom map

  • Add control points for timing

  • Add one or more routes

  • Setup teams

  • Track individuals or groups

Hire a Tracker.png

Easy Mapping

  • View trackers on OS Maps, inc. Leisure 1:25k

  • Satellite view maps

  • Grid Reference via SMS on demand also available

  • SOS to leaders mobiles

Mountain Climbing

Simple to use

  • Power on the device

  • Store it in the rucksack

  • View the weblink on your mobile

  • It is an easy as that, we promise!

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