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Hire Tracker

Events Tracking

 Purchase or Rent. We offer individual  rental, or you can hire as many as you like for a large event

Tel: 01905 570 0880


Rent a Tracker

Quick ClickRent a Tracker.  For typical weekend long use. £19.70 all inclusive of delivery.

Quick ClickRent a SPOT Tracker.  For typical weekend long use. £29.70 all inclusive of delivery.

Easy to use tracking maps

Tracking Maps
Scouts GPS Trackers

Buy or Rent Trackers for Duke of Edinburgh or Scouting Expeditions

Do you want to track your Scouts or require GPS tracking for your Duke of Edinburgh Group?

Locate groups quickly and easily

We use Ordnance Survey maps

SOS via SMS, Email, or Rescue services

Trackers record a history trace

Import routes from OS online, E-Duke-of-Edinburgh, Google Earth

Our system is truly Live

GPS updates from every 10 seconds

Cycle event GPS tracker Hire

Personal GPS Tracker Hire

Undertaking a charity challenge ?

Attempting a world record ?

Running a FKT (fastest known time) ?

Tracking for the UK or abroad.

Hire for £19.70 for a weekend or 3 days.

Hire many from £8 per tracker.

Rent a GPS tracker for individual use on a personal challenges. Event GPS tracker hire. We also provide tracker to event organisers; one tracker or a thousand to make your event run more smoothly.

Event GPS Tracker Rental

Are you an event organiser?

Cycle, Walk, Run, Watersports

Huge benefits to organisation and safety (SOS).

Rent event tracker, or hire many trackers (up to 1000)

Leaderboard and Timing capabilities

Accurate ETAs to Checkpoints

Hire from £8 per tracker

NO hidden fees or setup costs

Rent Trackers for very remote use

Did you know not all trackers work everywhere?

We offer units with 100% global coverage

Rent/Hire a Garmin Inreach Iridium

Enjoy the peace of mind from two-way SMS 

We also hire SPOT trackers.

CALL US on : 01905 570 880 or contact us

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